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Why dont you have a blog?

Studies shown by Burson-Marstellers showed that there aren’t many Fortune 500 companies that communicate with consumers via blogs. In fact, only 15% of them do. I expected that number to be higher. I am not surprised considering the business world all together. Online businesses should be blogging anyway, but many are not.

I have listed some overly used excuses as to why this is so, and the reasons why they do not compensate for why this is happening.

1.Not enough money to configure a blog

WordPress is free, but that still doesn’t justify anything. You can always buy a designer to design a layout for you, but if you do not have the budget for this, you can find some free ones on the internet. Also, if you have any designing skills, you can customize the graphics in the layouts.

WordPress not for you? There is always Moveable Type.
You don’t have to worry about payments, because this blogging system is free.

2.We don’t have anything to say

If you have a product or service to sell, and you have a sales copy on your website to promote it, then there is something for you to say. E-commerce websites can give you a topic to talk about in your blog posts.

There are many topics like these ones:

  • News on a certain industry
  • New products or offers
  • Product reviews
  • Customer testimonies
  • Q & A
  • Personal company news

3. No one is available to make blog posts

Maybe you don’t have many workers who can make posts, but it’s okay. There is an alternative.
You can always hire a specialist for help. Find a freelance writer who has the skills you are looking for.


You may be scared that customers might talk about you or to you, but don’t worry. They might be talking about you already, so why not get to tell your side of the story. An open comments option on the blog can improve the company. The costumer may tell you how good your products are, or what you can improve on. Not allowing them to have a say on your blog, might drive them somewhere else that they can, and then you will have no control.

Those are some excuses that companies use most.