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SEO Strategies: Keyword Optimisation and Backlinks

If you have a website or some space to call your own on the Web, you have to know the ins and outs of SEO before you can be successful. For your site to be successful, you need traffic. People must come to your website and linger. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, can help you achieve this.

A website can have different aims – it might be to share information you have, with no commercial interests at all, or it might be your source of income. Either way, SEO plays a very important role in how satisfactory your site is.

There are different SEO tools through which you can make sure your site or page gets good ranking on searches, and, therefore, gets more traffic. Let us take a look at two of these SEO practices.

Keyword Optimisation

Keyword optimisation is one of the most important SEO tools you can have. Search engines look for the frequency of occurrence of the keyword in titles, subtitles and the content of your page. The best way to take advantage of this SEO tool is to first identify the search phrases most commonly used that are relevant to your page. In your eagerness to SEO your page, do not just stuff your page with keywords. Unless the content is relevant, the strategy will backfire and you will go back several pages or be completely ignored by search engines.


Building backlinks is another very useful SEO tactic. Search engines rank your site based on how many backlinks you have. But if you get carried away with SEO and just look to get backlinks any way you can, the strategy might again backfire. Reciprocated backlinks do not have as much value as one-way backlinks. Also, the sites to which you are linked to can determine the effectiveness of this SEO strategy. Some sites are considered to be quality sites, like .gov and .ac sites. They also very rarely have a huge number of links. So a link to any of these websites will be a lot more valuable for SEO than any number of links to directories where you can easily buy links. The bad reputation of these directories can affect your search ranking, as well. If you have too many links from these sites, you might be blacklisted, as well.

There are plenty of other strategies to make sure that your website ranks well in searches, but keyword optimisation and building backlinks are two of the most important SEO strategies that you can adopt.