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Professional Choice of a SEO Company

Reports surfacing in forums and newsletters around the Internet clearly demonstrate how certain companies resort to spamming the search engines while seeking better rankings. In that sense, one cannot possibly stress enough that it’s crucial to hire SEO consultants and search engine marketers who are ethical. In all circumstance, it’s best to keep sight on which SEO companies provide a legitimate service, and which strive for quick profits by using shady techniques. This is true in all industrys, not just SEO. If the people in our industry can remember this when trying to create a Professional SEO Company (and there are many factions trying to do this), it will go a lot smoother.

How does one handle prospective customers who think they know what’s best for their SEO strategies, as result of their misinformation. What if such kind of customer will approach you requesting a proposal for 10 doorway pages. They stubbornly refuse your advice to make modifications to their actual website, and they insist that you only work from the “fringes”.

Through this kind of manipulative technique, one tricks the search engines into finding those pages by linking a sitemap containing the “fringe network” into the actual homepage. When visitors find one of the doorway domains via search engines, they end up making unnecessary clicks before they finally arrive in their desired destination. What would you do in this kind of situation? Would you attend to the customer’s misinformed request even though you knew it would not be a wise optimization strategy? Truth of the matter, building the pages that way wouldn’t be exactly disreputable. Still, the customer’s website already had several pages with good content? Once it gets down to it, the creation of those doorway pages would be nothing but a waste time; what the customer really needs is something much simpler: the optimization of the current content with appropriate search keywords.

If you ever get faced with this kind of situation and you really can’t talk sense into the customer, trust me: it will be better to just let him go. It goes without saying that turning down easy money like that may sound troublesome. If you think about it, this kind of task could be performed nearly automatically using the right softwareand you’d just be giving the customer exactly what he asked for? Without much effort, you could figure out a way to justify yourself. Provided you’re a professional SEO consultant, you’re expected of nothing short of doing what you know will bring about most effectiveness. That particular assignment would be expendable; you professional integrity would not.

There will be other chances to make good money with customers who don’t require that you compromise your professional integrity. Just the positive reputation you get from turning down an intransigent customer will be more than your money’s worth… literally. Trust me!