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Keyword Marketing: The Vital Point of SEO

Keywords has always been the root why SEO is such a blast. Its all about optimizing your pages with the right keywords, keywords that will drive traffic to your website. Its always about the which keywords, what phrases, what combinations. So much to say, Keyword Marketing is the Vital point of the success of an SEO/SEM campaign.

The common objective of people implying an SEO campaign on their website is traffic. The more the traffic the better specially for fast moving consumer product sites, mega sites or online stores, service sites, and even information websites due to the advertising opportunity and leverage one can get by having lots of visitors to your website.

Just look at for example, an information portal which if you dig further has their own advertising matrix with stats and demographics to show. Traffic is key to a sites success!

And SEO or search engine marketing is one way of actually increasing traffic to your website. But how exactly? That is the big question. Well it all depends on the keywords you promote your site with. Researching your keywords well will give you a forecast on what to expect when you get top positions. There are websites which you can use to analyze how much search volume does your keywords have and what other keywords related to your main keyword which has good volume. From there you can then also analyze the competition for each giving you a much clearer idea if the keyword is feasible or not basing on the time a campaign would be spent on it.

Getting to number 1 position is great, but being number 1 in a keyword that has a low search volume to none is seemingly a waste of money and probably will only give a low traffic return to your site.

On the other hand, campaigning for high volume high competition keywords can leave you broke like having to dedicate 1-2 years of campaigning before getting into a top positions.

This is why the beginning is the most vital, it can dictate the success and profitability plus returns of a search engine marketing campaign. Don’t take keyword research for granted, as it might take your business for granted as well.

A good SEO company will advice you well and enough to help you decide the directions you need to undertake. Understanding your company and objective will be one of the things to consider as well which will make it more sensible for the keywords that you wish to target and market on.